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Thursday, November 21, 2013

My new space

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my new(est) blog!

I still love the lewis note. It's one of my favorite spaces ever, and when I need a comfy, cozy place to pour out my heart . . . it's the first place I go to.

I started consistently writing the lewis note after our baby Olivia was lost due to ectopic pregnancy. Following that loss, we had two subsequent miscarriages and a diagnosis of secondary infertility. We had a failed foster placement. But God has blessed our family with a cute, sparky, spunky little girl I affectionately refer to as Little Miss. We're also blessed with our oldest daughter, Maddy.

I began blogging because there were some days it was the only way I could make it through the ups and downs of grief. Writing was my lifeline.

As time has gone on, less and less of my life revolves around our losses. It's always with me. I'm always aware of it, just like I'm always aware of the fact that I'm a girl. That God is real. That I'm married and I'm a mom. Loss is a part of who I am.

But it's not ALL of who I am. There is so much more.

I feel that I need to keep the lewis note about loss and grief and moving forward. It is a sacred place for me to share my heart and stories, and to create a safe place for others to find support and share their stories surrounding baby loss.

But I needed another space.

One that can let me talk about other things in life I'm passionate about. I want to share life lessons from building an awesome, but challenging business. I want to talk about being a mom without worrying if I'm upsetting a reader who is still waiting for their first live baby to bring home. I want to share the ups and downs of adoption. I want to share random stories of my life -- because I have a lot of stories all packed inside me. I want to talk about becoming a better, stronger person. I want to talk about God. I want to talk about RANDOM.

I named it "the lewis letters" because that's what I want it to be like reading my blog. A personal letter. It's also an expansion of the lewis note. No longer is it just a snippet, or a note, on my life. It's the whole thing.

Also, when I was a kid, my sister Judy got me this book Griffin & Sabine. You may remember it. Every page had a card or letter you pull out. I LOVED that book. I loved the art, the story . . . but most of all, the letters you pull out.

If I could turn this this little space on the webby world into a tangible book, it would be like Griffin & Sabine.

So welcome to my new little space. I hope you like it here.


1 comment:

  1. I loved "The Jolly Postman" and by Alan Ahlberg (and "The Jolly Christmas Postman") for the same reason. All those letters you got to pull out! :-)

    Looking forward to reading what you post on this new space.