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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolution... And it's not what you think

I'm a business woman. I'm a mom going through an adoption. I'm a baby-obsessed, ttc woman. I'm committed to leading a healthy life.

As I thought of my new years resolution, some of the desires of my heart came to mind:

-promote to RVP and earn my Mercedes
-earn a trip to Los Cabos for my family
-complete the adoption for little miss
-have a healthy live baby from a healthy pregnancy
-cook more whole foods and begin exercising regularly
-write a book about our losses (or at least start it)
-spend more time reading the Bible and praying
-become a more patient, balanced mom

Except these are not my resolutions.

Goals? Of course. Desires? Absolutely.

But none of these are the one resolution that I can look back on when it's December 2014 and say... "I did exactly what I set out to do."

So what is that one thing?


I resolve to make progress in 2014. To give up perfection. To refuse to hang my hat on a certain title, health status, bank statement, number in our family, or any other arbitrary circumstance I do not have full control over.

Instead, I am choosing to judge whether I have had a successful year on the the one thing I can control...

My dedication to growth.

I will not meet each goal perfectly this year. Perhaps I will promote. Perhaps not.

But what is NOT questionable is that I commit to the mindset, the activity and the personal growth that is required of me for my business to thrive.

I am going to choose to grow in my attitude and activity.

I may not perfectly balance Arbonne, family, MEND, blogging, church and friendships. But I will focus on making progress in the way that I book my schedule. Learning to say no, learning to give myself retreat.

Every desire has a few areas that I can work on.

I know that progression sometimes necessitates regression.

For example, as I have gone through grief, there were times I felt lost in emotion, as though the loss just happened. And at different times, it make take a few hours, days, weeks or months to realize I HAVE made progress overall... Even if there were plenty of times I had regressed.

My journey through 2014 might be also fraught with regression. It might also be fraught with new losses, frustrations, or sickness. It may be full of blessings and victories. Or a solid handful of each.

I do not have absolute control over any of those things. But there is one thing I can control.


No matter what this year brings, I choose to grow

P.S. The adoption is pretty much a done deal at this point. We are so close to the end, that making progress in this area is simply following through on the last few steps left to make little miss officially a Lewis. :)

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